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Interacting with hyper-realistic 3D patient holograms

Dr Elchanan Bruckheimer, Schneider Children's Medical Centre of Israel

Target: £80,000

Target date: Autumn 2021

Shine For Shani is raising money to provide £80,000 over two years as part-funding for an exciting state-of-the-art Holoscope for the Schneider Children’s Centre in Israel, enabling greater precision in diagnosis and higher survival rates for children with serious heart conditions.

From Ronit Singer, External Director, Schneider Children’s Centre

Thank you so much for your most heartwarming offer of support.

Your story about Shani and her magic heart is truly touching, and I hope that all your endeavors through the Shine For Shani charity will bring you comfort and pride.

As you may be aware, constantly emerging developments in technology within the medical field are nothing short of brilliant, according greater precision in diagnosis, therapies and survival rates of previously fatal conditions. Within the framework of advanced medical devices is the Holoscope, which creates a precise 3-D image (a hologram) of the patient's heart in front of the doctor in the air. It sounds like science fiction, but the Holoscope nevertheless is a revolutionary tool for cardiologists and particularly pediatric cardiologists. It is literally the future here and now.


From Dr Elchanan Bruckheimer, Medical Director, Cardiology, Schneider Children’s Centre

Your generous offer to raise funds for projects at Schneider in remembrance of Shani is simply wonderful and so fitting. Schneider is a little island of sanity in our intense country. The shared purpose of healing and reducing suffering manages to unite different populations, races, religious and political factions both amongst the staff and patients in a society which is rife with division. This video sums up the Schneider Children’s Centre.

This technology (the Holoscope) is going to revolutionize medical imaging and we want to be the first children’s hospital in the world to have it.


From RealViewImaging and PRNewsWire.Com

The HOLOSCOPE™-i is uniquely designed to enable physicians to view and directly interact with hyper-realistic 3D holograms of the patient's actual anatomy, which float in free space at hands reach during interventional procedures. The system's highly advanced 3D interactive visualization tools empower imaging-based minimally-invasive medical interventions, which is one of the most rapidly growing fields in medicine.

In 2019 the company unveiled its first installation of the HOLOSCOPE™-i commercial configuration at Toronto General Hospital, in the presence of the President of Israel.

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