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Football Marathon 2018

Sunday 29th July 2018

It hadn't rained in two months but the heavens opened on Sunday 29 July 2018 to cool the 180 players in an epic football marathon raising money to support research into children’s heart conditions at Great Ormond Street hospital. The event, running from 9am to 9pm, featured girls and boys aged between three to fifty-something who battled it out for the coveted World Cup lookalike trophy, and raised over £10,000.

Prior to the marathon, Juliet Berman had already helped to raise £29,000 for Cancer Research UK and Great Ormond Street Hospital.  Alongside 19 other women, they took part in the ‘Shine Walk’, a 26-mile route around Central London.  

The two football teams were named after the wards Shani Berman spent time in when at GOSH: Walrus and Bear, and there was a keen competitive spirit between the teams, managed by Simon Berman and son, Joel, 14.


Simon and Juliet's daughter, Tammy (12) ran the marathon bake sale with master bakers, Asher Friedman (11), Eli Radomsky (11) and friends. The mouth-watering treats included red velvet cupcakes, sticky chocolate brownies and Shani’s favourite sparkle biscuits and kept over 500 people energised over the day. Whilst there were a few soggy bottoms on the pitch none could be found on the cakes stand as they raised over £650 on their own!

Numerous raffle prizes were generously donated by local businesses ranging from jewellery and restaurant meals to nights in hotels. Companies also bought advertising in a match day programme raising further lifesaving funds. And whilst the players were on the pitch, families enjoyed arts and crafts, glitter tattoos, a refreshing downpour of rain and the occasional top quality top corner finish.

The event was in for a thrilling finale as after 11 hours of play there was only three goals in it. The final two teams battled it out in an unlikely victory for Walrus who had been trailing by 30 goals for much for the day.

Full time score was Team Walrus: 260: 249 Team Bear

Please note that VAR was not in use at Watford Power League.

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