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Pulse Challenge 2021

At the start of the Pulse Challenge 2021, Simon said a few words about Shani and what we are trying to achieve

Sunday 12th September 2021

Welcome everyone to the second Shine For Shani Pulse Challenge!

Firstly a thank you and huge well done for everyone’s fund raising efforts

With 137 people signed-up, we’ve had over 460 donations and so far raised over £33,000!


That’s £33,000 that will go towards the wonderful work being done by Great Ormond Street right here, as well as the Schneider Children’s Institute in Israel, to help seriously ill children, particularly those with serious heart conditions like Shani.


It’s great having Lily here from GOSH – thank you for everything that you and the hospital does both to support us as a charity and of course the work of the marvellous doctors and nurses that save children’s lives on a daily basis.


Thank you also to Sycamore Wealth for their financial support.


Our daughter Shani would have been 10, in her last year of primary school. We’ve missed her terribly over the past 4 years but there are times like today when it feels like she is right there with us.


The day that Shani died, a rainbow appeared right here over Great Ormond Street and was seen by many of our friends and family, including those in Israel. As if by magic, this weekend, a wonderful rainbow appeared over our home and across London - it was almost as if Shani was wanting to be part of the occasion with a dazzling rainbow smile.


So good luck with the walk, say hello to the 40 marshals on the way that are there to cheer you on and provide you with some refreshments


And if you need a bit of inspiration when you get to 15, 17 or 18 miles, then perhaps have a think about Shani, the girl with the magic heart, whose determination to enjoy her life, however small, continues to inspire us to try and make a difference to the lives of seriously ill kids.

Thank you again for all of your support and enjoy the day!

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