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Aviva and Eden's Bike Ride 2021

Sunday 26th September 2021

Written by Aviva and Eden, aged 11

Thanks to everyone who took part in the Shine 4 Shani Modi'in Bike Ride on Sunday 26 September 2021, raising over £5,000!


150 cyclists enjoyed either an 8km or a 4km bike ride through scenic parts of Modi'in in Israel. 


There was an amazing atmosphere on the start line as Tal Alon from the Israel Cycling Academy welcomed everyone to the event. 

We spoke about why the bike ride meant so much to us and how pleased we were to be raising so much money to help other children with heart conditions who are not as lucky as us.

We were so happy to ride along with our friends and family and enjoyed the cheerleaders and support that we received along the route.

We crossed the finish line with Grandpa David, aged 81 and we enjoyed the carnival of candyfloss and ice lollies at the end.  Thanks to all those who helped on the day and to those who donated raffle prizes.


We are very proud of our achievements and thank you all for helping us raise so much money.


All money raised from the event will go to the heart department of the Schneider Children's Hospital and will fund a Holoscope machine and other life saving equipment to help other children with heart conditions.


We loved our friend Shani and will never forget her.


Lots of love


Aviva and Eden


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